Brew Guide: French Press

The French Press. The old faithful, classic brewer that never fails. For years, I'd walk past these in Target. Not quite sure how it would work, I'd just keep on walking! But, this dependable brewing method has been a starting point for many coffee lovers to elevate their at-home brewing. It's a very mobile brewing method, less hands-on than other manual brewers, and draws out great flavor. 

The French Press is an immersion brewing method, which means that it brews your coffee (or tea) through, well, immersion. In just a few minutes, your hot water magically transforms into a carafe of delicious coffee. If you don't have one, you can get a decent French Press for a minimal cost. This Bodum is a go-to because it has sturdy parts, a long shelf life, and a fine filter (for producing a clean cup). Be sure to set your timer with this recipe; over-extraction can compromise the flavor and clarity of your cup!

This recipe was created just for Be The Light by my coffee bestie, Erica Chadé (she/they). Erica started her specialty coffee work in Birmingham, AL in 2014. She entered the specialty beverage industry shortly after an awe-inspiring specialty tea sourcing venture in India. The intimate context of her vocation in coffee is being formed by a revelation that coffee’s origin and sustenance are encompassed in Blackness. She brews coffee with the intent of experiencing the highest form of enjoyment possible for Black women. 

It is with immense gratefulness and elation that Erica offers you this recipe in collaboration with Black Girl Black Coffee! 

Be The Light French Press Recipe
35 grams of Be The Light coffee, ground to medium (17 on Baratza Virtuoso)
455 grams of water heated to 205* 

Brew Instructions:

1. Bloom Pour: Pour 105 grams of your hot water on top of your coffee. Stir and place lid on top of brewer. Allow to stand (bloom) for 1 minute. 
2. At 1 minute, pour to 455 grams total water. 
3. Place lid on top, and plunge the filter to just the top of the coffee bed. 
4. At 3 minutes, check to see if a crust has formed at the top of your brew. If so, use 1 gentle stir to reincorporate the grinds and place the lid back on top.
5. At 4 minutes, plunge. 
Total brew time: 4 minutes
Erica's Pro Tip:
Transfer coffee into a carafe so that it does not continue to extract. 


Erica Chadé is the Southeast Regional Coordinator for SCA USA, and an Educator for Getchu Some Gear, and a Communications Team Member at Onyx Coffee Lab. Erica is also a member of the The Sprudge Twenty 2021 Cohort. Follow Erica's coffee magic at @blkcoffee4life.
Thank you, Erica!