About BGBC


We are on a mission to brew a new community of Black girls and women who love speciality coffee.


We believe that in an antiblack world, Black people deserve luxury, even if that luxury is simply a beautiful cup of coffee.  Our mission is to demystify specialty coffee, and to provide accessible, culturally relevant resources for coffee education and coffee-based rituals of self-care. We strive to keep Black history and culture, and an abiding respect for people, at the heart of our enterprise. We will amplify the stories of Black womxn, from the producers of our coffees, to the everyday woman who utilizes coffee to power through the day. 
Black womxn. 
More than gender justice and equity, we are a womanist enterprise that honors the lives and labor of all Black womxn. We commit to sourcing coffee that has been produced by Black (including Afro-Latinx) women, honoring their labor through just compensation and amplifying their stories through our digital platforms. By centering Black womxn, we have substantive hopes for the wholeness of entire communities. 
Full Inclusion and Celebration of all Womxn
By "all Black womxn," we are referring to transgender, cisgender, and woman-identifying Black womxn. 
Generosity and Resource Sharing
Specialty coffee has been fiercely guarded by coffee industry gatekeepers. It has been inaccessible to everyday coffee lovers, particularly people of color. We aim to share knowledge, skills and resources to enable more people to enjoy the luxury of specialty coffee. More specialty consumers means more opportunity for hard-working and deserving farmers and producers.