Mission + Vision

brewing a new community


We are on a mission to brew a new community of Black girls and women who love specialty coffee.


We are reclaiming the Black history of coffee, with a particular lens on the stories of Black women. We are piecing our history together, to write new narratives of freedom and community. We believe that in an antiblack world, Black people deserve luxury, even if that luxury is simply a beautiful cup of coffee.  We aim to amplify the stories of Black women, whether they are coffee producers throughout the African Diaspora, or the everyday woman who consumes coffee to power through the day. Furthermore, we aim to demystify specialty coffee, and to provide accessible, culturally relevant resources for coffee education and coffee-based rituals of self-care. We strive to keep Black history and culture at the heart of our work. We will do this primarily though specialty coffee and merchandise offerings, social media and collaboration with mission-aligned enterprises and individuals.